No Setup Fees. No Subscriptions. $80 for up to 20,000 emails and $130 for up to 80,000 one time fee for our Email List Cleaning and Email Validation service.
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Nothing to install.
We offer a free trial for lists over 100,000, You can email a sample list of up to 500 emails to with "Free Trial" in subject.
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We can provide you with third party verification for no additional fee upon request. This can be valuable if you sell advertising or rent your lists.
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Q. What are the risks of not Cleaning and Validating my email lists?
A. As time passes, email addresses become invalid, emails bounce back...
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The ListAudits Email Validation and List Cleaning Service can do these things for you
  • Clean and Validate your email lists of undeliverable, duplicate, invalids, bad, seed, BOT and dead email addresses (eliminating email bounces, delivery failures and improving your email deliverability by over 95% while saving you time and money) Click Here to review this 6 stage process
  • We provide the most effective email list cleaning and email address validation services that benefits our customers because as time passes, email addresses become invalid, emails bounce back, and non-responders pile up. If you're not careful, ISPs may see this as harmful and flag you as a SPAMMER. A low quality email list is harmful, if left unchecked, the result can be disastrous and reflect negatively on your brand and business.
  • We improve the deliverability of your Email Campaign. No Scoring, Guessing or Probability system here, your email will be delivered period. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove bounces, undeliverable emails, and outdated emails because a lot of ESP's have been known to block a sender's email domain for repeated sending of messages to non-existing email addresses.
  • Proper and accurate email validation has to be done carefully, our service is not an instant web tool nor is it software you must install or integrate, both of these make mistakes and have proven to be ineffective. We actually have real technical staff using advanced email verification techniques to clean and validate your email lists. That is why we claim to be the most accurate and our clients will testify to that. No email address is missed and your email campaign performance is maximized.
Review the 6 Stage Guaranteed Email List Cleaning and Validation process we use.